Finding a Samoyed

     You have done your research and feel a Samoyed dog is for you and your family,   however, before taking the step of purchasing the first dog you come across you   may  wish to speak to owners of Samoyed's and get your hands on Samoyed's in the   flesh as  it  were.

     Before purchasing your first Samoyed I would suggest you go along to and event   such  as Discover Dogs, an event run by the Kennel Club which has many breeds of   dogs and  their owners available to offer information and advice on owning a dog of   the breed you  may be interested.  You could go along to a dog show where   Samoyed's are present;  this  could be a local dog show or a breed specific show.   You will be able to speak to  owners  and breeders of Samoyed's who will be able to   give you practical advice on  owning a  Samoyed – the things the books don’t tell   you.  To find out where Samoyed  shows are being held and when check out each   club’s web site. (See end of article).

    There are many reputable breeders of Samoyed's who have Kennel Club registered   puppies for sale, however, there are also many individuals who breed dogs without   ensuring the breeding stock is healthy and free from hereditary defects and who may   not  register their litters with the Kennel Club.  These puppies may come from   ‘puppy   farmers’  - people who have several varieties of dogs all with puppies at the   same   time. Who breed for profit over the welfare of their animals.

    The Kennel Club and some pet insurance companies have a puppy search feature   on   their web sites. From whatever means you search and locate a puppy you should   still   ensure you check out the breeder thoroughly. Speak to the Breed Club   Secretaries or puppy contacts. Secretaries of the clubs are quite often aware of   breeders who have puppies’ available or litters planned.

  Do you want a puppy or would you be willing to take on a rescue   Samoyed?

     Rescue dogs can be any age, however, homes for the older ones can be harder to   find but these dogs can make wonderful loving pets. Dogs go to breed rescue for a   number of reasons, their owners could not cope, their personal circumstances have   changed e.g.  divorce, and a new baby etc. their owners have died.  It could be that   the dog has a health problem their owners could not cope with, however, another   owner may not find it a problem to cope with.

    Brenda Walker is the co-ordinator of breed rescue that the Northern Samoyed   Society support.  If you would like to speak to Brenda about taking on a rescued   Samoyed give her a ring. (0115 9281856).


     Do your research; you do not need to buy the first puppy you come across no   matter how tempting it is as this could give you a lot of heartache down the line if   the puppy is unhealthy.

     Ensure you are fully committed to taking on a Samoyed, that you have the time to   exercise them, to train them, to groom them and give them the attention they need.

   Breed Clubs

  Northern Samoyed Society – Graham Fremlin, Secretary Tel: 01665 570560

  The Samoyed Association –

  Samoyed Breeders and Owners League -

  The British Samoyed Club –

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